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Barefoot Ballroom

Lounge Space Project

Since the move last year to our permanent home at Camp Timber Trails... Dance New England has been infusing this rustic camping retreat with new life, hard work, and energetic inspiration!  The heart of Dance Camp, our beautiful Barefoot Ballroom, held many community gatherings, movement workshops, and ecstatic dances late into the night this past August.  Yet... there's something missing. Something that we've enjoyed in the past that keeps our systems on track and allows varying levels of dance engagement throughout the night.  Beautiful lighting, incredible sound, buttery floor, blissful beats... but no space off the dance floor for rest and connection!

Enter the Barefoot Ballroom Lounge co-creation construction project.  The building of a 46 ft long, 15 foot wide, screened in covered deck out the back double doors of the hall.  Plans include a rear screen door with stairs to the back of the building, electrical outlets for lighting and charging stations, secure food storage area, and more!  Each year for camp the space will be "cozi-fied" with inflatable couches & cushions, outdoor mats & carpeting, decorations & lights, etc... then all will be cleaned washed and stored till the next summer's Lounge.


Our hope is to create a space for rest, rejuvenation, and connective conversation off the dance floor while remaining "part of the dance".  Inviting this activity without disturbing others engaged in movement and expression and allowing DJs to better tune in to the needs of the space will bring a greater harmony to the overall ecstatic dance experience and allow for a more nourishing flow to the night.  Please consider contributing through materials, labor, or financial resources to help manifest such a beneficial space for our dance community to enjoy at Dance Camp and beyond!

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