DJ Journey Weaver

Creating a journey 

   fueled by luscious melodies

and brainwave beats

      to drop you

    into the rhythms of your soul  

 and move your body 

     in sweet delight...


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Took me in to a dream... I danced with who I want to be”

Dance Lab, NYC​


“I have never dropped into such a blissful state of dance before... it was like drinking light”

Ecstatic Dance Bratislava​, Slovakia

R E G U L A R   E V E N T S

I-Opener Dance
Arts for the Armory, Somerville MA

~ most 4th Sundays @ 10am ~

Florence Community Center, Florence MA

~ 2nd Sundays @ 10am ~


A new world of music and vibration worldwide...


As we learn to adapt and evolve with the new reality of our lives we also have a chance to explore and express through our current realities.  New found spaciousness has lead to perspective gain, value shift, and creative innovation.... in our home time and in our community connections!

Join oportunities to dance online though the platforms of  Zoom and various streaming services.  We're now offering I-Opener Dance EVERY Sunday morning from 10am-Noon (EST, Boston Time) ... and be sure to catch other amazing dances around the world, bringing an international community and incredible international artists strait into YOUR (living-room) dance floor.   

Though gatherings have been canceled for the forseeable future and festivals taking a break this summer we'll find new ways to tune into the vibration of beats and bliss. We'll be meeting in new shared experience for sure... in nature, online, in phone calls, in letters & emails, in special moments of memory and plans.  Find the gift this time can be. Find yourself and who you are now. Find your truest being and who you want to be.

...  stay healthy, find balance, and we'll see you in the dance ❤︎ 

Ecstatic Dance Boston
11 Garden St, Cambridge MA

~ most 3rd Wednesdays @ 7pm ~

FLOW - Ecstatic Dance Florence/NoHo
Florence Community Center, 140 Pine St.
~ 3rd Friday evenings @ 8pm ~

HeartBeats - Cacao Infused Ecstatic Dance

The Stone Church, Brattleboro VT

~ most 4th Wednesdays @ 8pm ~

Dancing Beyond - Outside Journeys

Various Locations throughout Western Mass

~ many 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 6:30pm ~